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Hardwood Window Shutters

Don’t settle for MDF Shutters when you can get Hardwood for a better price. Whenever you get a quote for shutters make sure you ask what material the shutters are made from as lots of companies are selling the inferior MDF product as standard and up selling Hardwood.

When it comes to the success of selling any product quality is key. Having a product that is by far better than your competition is a unique selling point that cannot be beaten and the bonus of being better than your competitors is winning more sales. So with that in mind it makes incredible sense to break away from MDF shutters.

Many window shutter retailers have chosen to cut corners when it comes to quality in a bid to gain more sales through having a cheaper product. Though some may believe that cheap is cheerful the cracks often begin to show, literally.

MDF could be considered a placeholder in terms of style. They do the job but a customer is limited in their options when it comes to MDF shutters. Due to the composition of MDF fibre board it cannot be painted meaning it is only available in roughly five to six shades of white.

On the other hand, hardwood is completely authentic and is available in an unlimited capacity in terms of style. At M&M we only choose hardwood because it is simply the best, the quality is undeniable.

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