FSC Grade Hardwood for Undeniable Quality

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Why We Use FSC Grade Hardwood Every Time


At M&M we think quality is extremely important and something that all our customers expect. When it comes to making window shutters there are three main materials that they can be made from. These are; FSC Hardwood, MDF and UPVC. Our material of choice will always be hardwood and that is simply because it provides uncompromising quality that you just cannot achieve elsewhere. However, if you are interested in finding out exactly why we chose hardwood to make our popular bespoke shutters then read further.

Medium-Density Fibreboard or more commonly known as MDF is a form of engineered wood. To make MDF hardwood and softwood are broken down into wood fibres. A wax or resin is then added and then a high temperature followed by pressure to form the shape. MDF also unlike most wooden materials has no knots which can make the surface uneven an appear unsightly. Perhaps the main reason MDF is so popular is that is regarded to be the cheaper option however we have managed to overcome this.

It is the negatives of MDF that is the prime reason why hardwood is the obvious choice to provide a better product for our customers. It is important to remain environmentally conscious (which is why we always recycle after deliveries) and MDF simply has a negative impact on our environment due to the energy being used to make the product but also due to the added plastic materials which are not bio-degradable. MDF also tends to be very heavy in comparison to hardwood which can greatly impact on deliveries and importing as well as limiting your options when it comes to plantation shutters.

The finish of MDF just simply is not of the standard of Hardwood. You are limited on options of colour as paint finishes often appear uneven and latex based paints are extremely difficult to work with due to rapid water absorption. As for technical issues screwing may cause a split in the material as well as nail holes puckering.

Staying to our ethos of being and environmentally friendly company we only choose FSC hardwood. FSC are the forest stewardship council whom help consumers identify, purchase and use wood products from well managed forests and recycled materials giving it the grade of FSC Hardwood. Using a natural and sustainable material ensures no pollution in the making of the product but also that the resource itself will continue to exist for future generations as trees are being planted daily.

We have specially picked a hardwood timber for their great qualities. FSC Grade Paulownia. Paulownia comes from Northern Asia and is considered extremely fast growing making it an extremely renewable resource. Paulownia is relatively light but remains durable. Its far apart growth rings give it a low-density characteristic. As a timber it is fine grained and knot free giving it a smooth finish. It is useful in products due to its properties such as resistance to disease and high temperatures.

So overall hardwood is the much better option when it comes to quality however it can also be affordable as with M&M our FSC hardwood costs less per square meter than MDF.

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