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At M&M we only install FSC grade hardwood window shutters to make sure we do our bit on being eco-friendly.

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The material used for your shutters is the most important component when it comes to quality and that is why M&M sell premium hardwood at better than MDF prices.

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Free measuring and fitting is included when you order any amount of plantation shutters from M&M.

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Window Shutters Leeds

Leeds being one of the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom there are more and more houses being built everyday, because of this we have seen a huge increase in demand for plantation shutters in the Leeds area. The kerb appeal window shutters offer for the front of your house especially in bay windows seems to be a very popular reason why people opt for plantation shutters because the look they achieve from inside and outside cannot be achieved by any other window covering. Plantation shutters can transform any window from a small toilet window to a large set of bi fold doors, we have made shutters for apartments in the ever growing Leeds city centre to small cottages in the rural areas of Leeds so no matter where you are plantation shutters could be perfect for your windows.

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Benefits of Window Shutters

Plantation shutters are a fantastic way to add value to your property because off the many qualities they possess which makes purchasing shutters for your home an investment. Heat retention is a great quality especially in the winter as it will stop a lot of the heat coming through your windows and into your room. The privacy window shutters offer with the options of a mid rail, tier on tier and split tilt will stop people from looking in but you will also be able to let light in by tilting your louvres. There is simply no other window covering that matches or competes with shutters therefore your home will look the part from inside and out and will be sure to make your neighbours a little bit envious.

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M&M in Leeds

M&M Blinds have been serving the public with the best value and quality in and around Leeds for over 15 years which is why we only supply and fit the highest quality hardwood plantation shutters in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. We supply Paulownia hardwood shutters due to the long standing reputation of quality. With our showroom and business based in Leeds it is easy for you to call into our showroom to see our shutters on display to give you a better idea on how the shutters will look and to see the different options available. We cover the whole of Leeds from Pudsey which is where we are situated right out to Wetherby and north Leeds.

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If you are in the Leeds area call or visit us in store with some rough measurements for a quotation on real hardwood shutters.

M&M Blinds & Curtains Ltd – 0113 2571059

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