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Solid Pannel Shutters

These shutters are only available in the hardwood materials from our stunning Fiji and Sumatra ranges and there are currently two styles available – these are Solid Panel with a raised insert and also the more commonly seen Shaker Shutter Style, although please note that our Shaker Style is only available without warranty. By choosing one of these ranges, you are choosing to have your shutters made in the finest quality timber and therefore your shutters will come backed with at least 3 years manufacturers warranty to help provide you peace of mind.

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Solid Panel Window Shutters Leeds

This particular style of shutter offers brilliant noise control properties and heat retention which is why it is a very popular option for customers who live near a busy road. As they help promote a more traditional, classic aesthetic, solid panels are a popular choice for cottages and listed buildings such as period properties and large countryside homes with sash windows or high ceilings.


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